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Our ability to make high quality Three Dimensions productions, has been our definition throughout more than 12 years of work, the time that we have been creating projects for: great 3D screens, amusement and theme parks, corporative videos exposed on tradeshows and other great events; museums that offer virtual visits and scientific departments that use this support in order to illustrate by visualization their complex ideas, etc.

The amusement parks and specialized 3D/4D theaters have been using this format for years, using it to create incredible spectacles. Nevertheless, the possibilities are so ample that, even multinational companies that are fighting to strengthen their trade-mark in a very competitive markets, are discovering the impact of the stereoscopy in their presentations and launchings of new products.

Professional area

New Media DirectorsIT Project Leader
Sales & MarketingBusiness Development
Branding ManagersHuman Resources
Research & DevelopmentProject Managers

Bussiness area

Entertainment/Animation Advertising & PR
3D/HD CinemaTourism
Real EstateMedical - Scientific area
Telecommunications/ Mobile IT3D Theatres

Cinema Directors and Producers, require advisory services and stereoscopic direction for their new 3D films and, this way, to provide an impressive, but, simultaneously comfortable and safe 3D projection, without causing nor eye strain to the spectator.

There are many companies and organizations that value the Three Dimensions productions as a tool to attract massive hearings, to increase the effectiveness of their communication plans and to catch new clients with really impressive presentations in Tradeshows, conferences, expositions and other great events.

And also there are advertising agencies and Public Relations companies, that know that their clients are looking for original ideas that strengthen their trade-marks. The contents design is so innovating that gives life to the products and also create unique experiences between the spectator (the potencial client) and the company (the product).


Our clients

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