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Enxebre is a leading Spanish company, founded in 1995, specialized in 3D Stereoscopic production services. It covers all kind of productions, computer animation and live-action,  including stereoscopic aerial, underwater and special effects all in 3-D stereo.  It also offers engineering services for the 3-D stereo acquisition and playback, as well as full turnkey 3D theatre solutions.

The Digital 3D Cinema is now alive!, With an exponential growth forecast, and a complete bet of the industry with many titles currently in production, the 3D Cinema is finally here.

ENXEBRE is offering a full range of consultancy and stereoscopic supervision  services at any film stage production (development, preproduction, production and postproduction)  for third party production companies and directors.

We have learnt from years of stereo work , and now we apply all this knowledge and experience to maximize the narrative flow and the viewing comfort. Letting the director to sculpt the 3D perception experienced by patrons, according to the storytelling or production needs. This is the real power of the stereo image, a new visual language that could play a intense role in the storytelling. Besides that, we produce 3D-Stereoscopy movies for the entertainment and edutainment market, covering also cultural and promotional related events. In our digital studios we produce not only live 3-D image, but also CGI, and combination of 3D Live+CGI productions.

Our experience and know how led us to some professional hits along years, like…

  • 3D QC ( quality check ) for the London 2012 Olympics ( First 3D Olympic ever )
  • First 3D Stereoscopic Underwater European Digital production (Talking Fish 2001).
  • First 3D Marathi ( India ) Feature, for Prime Focus World.
  • First 3DHD HFR ( High Frame Rate ) 2010
  • First 2K-3D spanish production presented in IAAPA World Trade Show, and  Siggraph.
  • Key Conferences about new development, 3D perception and 3D workflow in most important industry events like: Stereoscopic Displays and Conference (in San Jose, CA), Digital Day (annual presentation by Directors Guild of America) 2007, SMPTE annual conference and exhibition (2009 in Sydney), among others.
  • Licensing one of our own productions ride films ( 3D-2K Resolution ) to a Warner Bros theme park.
  • Consulting for the 3D Stereoscopic projection in Spain for Lucasfilm LTD , for  the short 'Star Wars'.
  • Play as judge for the Stereoscopic Displays & Conferences in San Jose, USA.
  • Awarded for the best use of stereoscopy in a conference at the Stereoscopic Displays & Conferences in San Jose, USA 2008. (Award shared with Rob Engle, from SonyImageworks).
  • Unique Spanish 3Ality Technica Rental House. The 3D WorldWide Leader in Stereo quality.
Part of the team that produced “Jako and the Pet Thief” at its premier at the Warner Bros Park Madrid.
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Our R&D department, designs, supply and maintain 3D projection equipment, 3D RIGs and stereoscopic related equipment for any kind of live-action production, but also computer graphics scripts and workflow procedures to maximize efficiency and reduce  the costs of the stereoscopic processes.

Today , we have a complete human and technical equipment to produce real and synthetic image. 3D Stereoscopic ready studios, with 3D Cameras,  3-D Rigs, 3-D monitors, underwater 3-D equipment… and the most important, our ' know how'  of more than 18 years dedicated to producing and studying stereography.

Enxebre Entertainment is proud member of :

3D consortium, NSA, ACMSIGRAPH, isu, iaapa, tisoe, clag