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Enrique Criado



Stereographer / Stereoscopic Supervisor
3-D IT Consultant
3-D Production Consultant
Live-Action & CGI


Enrique Criado, founding partner of the Spanish company Enxebre Entertainment, had been working as a Stereographer and three-dimensional systems technician since 1995. His work has been recognized nationally and internationally in different industry events.

His professional experience as Stereoscopic Supervisor encompasses most aspects of 3-D movie production, including design, direction, production, engineering, installation and maintenance of 3D systems and workflows, including the creation of an R&D department which has investigated and developed new technically-advanced solutions to shooting live-action and integrating live-action with CGI animation.

His responsibilities as senior stereographic consultant involved managing and overseeing all stages of 3-D movie production and creativity on the stereo image, for live-action, CGI or combinations of both. That responsibilities include:

  • Stereo analyze (optimization) of scripts and storyboard (Live-Action and CG Animation). Stereoscopy and the narrative flow. Application of the new possibilities of the 3-D stereo photography in feature films.
  • Stereoscopic Layout (Maya & Max), scene analysis:  3-D camera numbers, 3-D shot composition, stereoscopic relationship between scenes,  Improving perception by using additional psychological cues, 2D depth-cues for a stronger but pleasant experience.
  • Application of 3-D safety margins & comfort parameters. Inter-ocular variations to modify the reality perception, hyperstereo & hypostereo.
  • Application of specific rules for different targets and formats (D-CINEMA, IMAX, E-CINEMA).
  • Adjustments for stereo : lighting for 3-D, floating window, screen and theatre space, retinal rivalry, character and object roundness.
  • Stereoscopic editing & composition, post-effects and final encoding for distribution (in any format & media).
  • Working knowledge of real-time solutions, stereoscopic engines and plug-ins for stereo-rendering.

Between his greater achievements, we can mention the design and creation of a underwater shooting system, a motorized universal 3D rig and the creation of the engineering in many different 3D visualization theatres, in simulation and entertainment areas. And talking about the 3D movie production, he has directed as a stereoscopic consultant, many live-action 3D productions, computer animation projects , and also productions that combine both types of image. He has also carried out the accomplishment of the algorithms and the control of the virtual stereoscopic camera in these productions (CGI).

He is an active partner on different international organizations related to the stereoscopic image like: ISU, NSA, 3D CONSORTIUM, SPIE, SMPTE, SIGGRAPH, and others; and in the last years has being invited as a speaker in the most important congresses of this industry, like: IBC(Amsterdam), Broadcast, SD&A (San Jose-USA), SMPTE (Sydney), CARVI (Victoria), TEA (Zaragoza), Directors Guild of America (Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA) , San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spanish Motion Picture Academy and more:

Latest personal hits include :

  • Stereoscopic Quality Control at London Olympics 2012. (QC . The fist 3D Olympics, ever. )
  • Interviewed for premiere episode for the Spanish worldwide community of FXGUIDE TV. (Also available in English).
    Link: www.fxguide.com/fxguidetv.html
  • First full 3DHD conference for the SMPTE in Sydney, Australia about stereoscopic perception.
  • Awarded for the best use of 3-D Stereo in a conference at SD&A , USA. Award shared with Rob Engle from Sony Imageworks.
  • Judge at the 3D Theatre with Mr. Samuel Zhou de IMAX en USA, for the SD&A.
  • First Spanish to have a conference at the Directors Guild of America, Digital DAY, A full DCI-2K stereoscopic conference (Hollywood, LA, USA).
  • Stereoscopic consultor for LucasFilm, LTD for the exhibition in the short "Star Wars" in 3D in Spain.
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