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    Enxebre just recently purchased a new 3D Rig, an ATOM from 3Ality Technica, this model also includes magnesium parts , an ultra-light material that allows configurations ready to shot with RED EPIC cameras (among others) and weights under 19Kg. ( 41 lbs )

    This new rig could work with PL , PV and zoom lenses, we also include interesting accessories as Hotswap systems for batteries , Ipad remote control, and metadata recording for 3d videoasists.

    Our customers are demanding freedom to shoot 3D, and especially the reduction of the costs and complexity in the shooting. With our specialized crew and equipment we could shoot high quality 3D, as fast as 2D film shooting , and of course, without sacrificing the quality of our work.

    Native 3D Shooting, is now faster, offers higher 3D quality, and it is even cheaper than a full 2D-3D conversion.

  • J.E.W.E.R.

    Based on stereoscopic IBR (Image Based Rendering) own engine, the solution let experience objects and explore them , even better than the real one. This is with total interaction, rotate, move, zoom, using a 3D Stereoscopic Hi-Res viewing device, and a human interface, this is no need for additional tools to control the application, except the own visitor or guest.

    It will be the future of the virtual Museums, marketing and exhibitions, and virtual product catalogs.

    A project by Enxebre Entertainment, CEGA Audiovisuales and Antartida Producciones.

  • Quasar Rig Enxebre first oficial rental company for 3Ality Technica in Spain.

    Enxebre , first Spanish company to rent Quasar and Neutron 3Ality Technica rigs. We’re proud to offer one of the best available rigs in the market fully upgraded with metadata export, and correction optical filters to avoid undesired reflections and polarization issues.

    We only rent our equipment with our qualified technicians, to guarantee the not only the best stereo quality, but also reducing the rig setup and lens change at a very short time. We care about image quality, so try to keep the "we’ll fix that in post" to the minimum.
  • Qtake HDx2 Enxebre acquires a Qtake HDx2, the best 3D video assist available

    QTAKE HDx2 system add new features and increase the power of video assist on-set. It provides dual camera record and playback (3D) and blue/green screen live compositing all in the clarity of HD resolution. Currently it supports natively (metadata reading) RED MX/EPIC and ARRI Alexa.

    QtakeHDx2 has been used in many 3D blockbusters, like Pirates of the Caribbean "On stranger tides", Spiderman 3D, Pirahna 3D, and Torrente 4 , among others. (June 2010)
  • New Compact Rig for live-action shooting. Finally, our compact system for help the 3D filming is already available. It is designed for compact cameras (HD/HDV), and thanks to it we are able to make “on the field” productions, by using conventional filming equipment, image stabilizers, cranes assemble, warm head… This new rig, let us modify stereobase or interaxial down to 1 milimiter.
  • "Destination: Ancares" Our first 3-D hyperstereo (technique) shooted on a helicopter, that production also combines with underwater 3D shooting.

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  • "Jako and the Pet Thief” in 3D, has overcome the higher quality controls of the prestigious multinational company Warner Bros., that has licensed it for its exhibition at the Warner Bros Park in Madrid. Film projection 35mm Over/Under format. (2005)

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  • Universal 3D Rig Our R+D department has designed, developed and produced the first universal filming 3D support, that is fully motorized and computer controlled. It is the first one in Europe (2003-2005).

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  • "Jako and the Pets Thief” in 3D, the first Spanish 2K and Three Dimensions production. CGI.
  • "Talking Fish in 3D” is the first 3D underwater European production that combines real 3D image and synthetic 3D image. (2001).
  • Undewater 3D shooting Our R+D department developed and produced the first 3D underwater shooting system. This design includes, besides the water-resistant housing, a synchronized cameras control system, as well as the sending of the signal to the surface, for the 3D real time monitoring.
  • "Tales of St. James Cathedral” was the first 3D/4D movie in Spain, that combines real and synthetic image in Three Dimensions (1999). There are included also synchronized effects, wind, smell and smoke. The whole system works automatically and it works using a single button.