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  • Zapatlela 2 3D. Becomes a Blockbuster !!, 3D defined as 'awesome experience'.

    Zapatlela 2 3D, Had the biggest opening in Marathi cinema, ever. It was a Super Duper Hit Blockbuster, and the most awesome 3D Experience !!.

    Zapatlela 2 3D. (The Times of India.)

    To, the film's credit though there are lots of comic scenes and funny one-liners, which make the audience clap and burst into laughter. Haven't seen that in a long time! And the 3D effects? Well, we won't tell you when they come, but when they do they are enjoyable, done well and full credit to the director for not overdoing the 3D bit as it's easy to get carried away...

    User Reviews...
    • “Good movie to be watched on 3D"
    • "Nice marathi movie after long time, 3D effects are realy good, story is so small & not so thriller. But overall good"
    • "Must Watch. Gr8 3D Effects."
    • "its awesome movie..it deserves four and half stars.. whole movie has a great 3d effect..u will not found a single scene without 3d..songs are really good and awesome in 3d..must watch it in 3D.."
    • "3D was better than tintin! Liked it"
    • "Movie was awesome, The 3D effect was truly world class!!"
    • "The awesome 3d effect as compared to bollywood. The gr8 Marathi.
  • Zapatlela 2 - 3D. First marathi film in 3d produced by Mahesh Kothare and Kothare Vision , with a Fox Star Studios distribution.

    Prime Focus, trusted Enxebre Entertainment and Enrique Criado, for the stereography of the film. Prime Focus, is also responsible for the Hollywood blockbuster, like Man in Black 3, Frankenweenie, Dredd 3D, Total Recall, Star Wars:Episode I or Harry Potter… among others. PF will also take care of postproduction  CGI and VFX of the Film.

    Mahesh Kothare and Ramdas Padhye's chemistry entertained the audience 19 years back and now they are back to recreate the magical chemistry in forthcoming movie Zapatlela 2

    Mr. Kothare says, " Zapatlela 2 will have upgraded technology and an international technicians working on it.  But this is the first time that we will shoot entirely with a 3D camera,"  . The team has roped in Spanish stereographer Enrique Criado, who is looking after the 3D stereography and special effects for the film.

    Marathi First Animated 3D Film Zapatlela. Zapatlela (1993) is superhit movie of Laxmikant Berde and Mahesh kothare. mahesha now make film in 3D.  Industry says that it breaks record.

    Enxebre provides equipment and crew, 3Ality 3D Rigs, Qtake 3D video Assists, Transvideo 3D Monitors and highly 3D skilled human crew.

    zapatlela 3d
  • LONDON OLYMPICS 2012. Stereo QC Control.

    London Olympics 2012

    Enrique Criado , Stereoscopic  Quality Control at London Olympics 2012. (QC ).  Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS).

    The first 3D Broadcasted Olympics. The most important 3D Live event, ever, more than 12 hours/day 3D broadcasted. Including the event with the biggest audience on Earth ( Opening Ceremony ), more than 12 cameras per venue, 4 venues simultaneously…

    A combination of Side by side rigs , beamsplitter rigs, 3D handheld cameras, as well as trackcams, polecams, underwater, towercams and technocranes.

    3Ality, Kronomav, Panasonic AG 3DP1  cameras ...

  • IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. Enxebre Crew at Lightbox LTD, Portugal.

    Enxebre Crew at Lightbox LTD, Portugal

    From the awarded director of Balas & Bolinhos trilogy, Luis Ismael, from Lightbox LTD.

    'Douro Azul 3D' is a shocking top level 3D commercial experience , that includes CG Animations, VFX, Multicamera Shoots, aerial 3D, in a breathtaking 10 minutes cut.

    An intensive 10 days shooting , in the most beautiful places of Oporto and along river 'Douro'. Editing and postproduction was done in less than 10 days, including CGI and VFX.

    Enxebre provides 3D Equipment from 3Ality Digital, 3D Monitors and 3D Live Assists, to guarantee the superior quality required for this project. Enrique Criado, as stereographer for 3D Live Action Shooting and CG compositing.

  • Stereoscopic Oil Painting.

    Victor Lopez-Rua has completed his first 3D Stereoscopic Oil canvas. a 8 month intense stereoscopic work supervised by Enrique Criado, the canvas, actually two canvas ( one for each eye ) was recently presented in the  Museum of Modern Art, in Republica Dominicana ( MAM ).

  • Enxebre's latest 3D Reel at Projection Design Booth. With the new 3D Active F35 AS3D at 3DMEDIA. Liege. Belgium.

    New services and equipment will be presented by Enrique Criado.

  • “S3D Storytelling” a new conference by our stereoscopic director Enrique Criado, at Forumtech, Valencia. Spain.

  • Creative Managers - International Creative Economy Training for Expert Producers & North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Center for Creative Industries, to host a new Criado\'s conference “Stereoscopic Cinema - Connecting Your Storyline with Visual Perception “

  • Enxebre Entertainment at Broadcast 2011.

    Enxebre will be exhibiting their 3Ality Technica Neutron rig at Canon booth, equipped with two Canon XF105 a low cost 3D shooting solution. Visit the Charmex, with the new F35-ASD active projector and Cluster Audiovisual Galego ( LG 3DTV ) booth to experience our latest 3D productions.

  • Enxebre & Canon will be exhibiting a 3D Affordable shooting solution at Broadcast Madrid.

    Enxebre to present their new 3D Services for the film and broadcast S3D industry.

  • Enxebre at Broadcast India 2011. Mumbai 19-22th.

    3D film works.

  • Enrique Criado “Conecting your storyline with visual perception”, a S3D conference hosted by the Broadcast India, 20th October.

    Amsterdam RAI, September 9th to 13th at the ServiceVision Booth: 11.B51, Hall 11.

    Enxebre will be presenting our lastest S3D works, plus special equipment for 3D Shooting, including the 3Ality Technica Quasar Rig mounted onto the new giro-stabilized head from ServiceVision.

    Ask us about out new 3D Shooting solutions, including equipment and 3D technicians, with large experience in stereo3D. We offer different 3D Packages, depending on your project needs and budget, but always with our qualified stereo3D personal.

    - StereoRig Package Full Size:
    Quasar Rig + Metadata Control. (Technocrane, Camara car, stabilized head) + Our Reflection killer filter. For Full Size Cameras: Red One MX - Arri Alexa - Sony F3 & F35… 3D Monitoring .Video Assist: Qtake HDx2- (with recording/viewing & metadata)
    - StereoRig Compact:
    3Ality Technica Neutron + Metadata Control. (Steadycam Ready) Compact Size Cameras (Lens): Silicon Imaging: Si-2K, Sony P1 … etc 3D Monitoring 3D Video Assist: Qtake HDx2 / DepthQ Recorder / ultraportable 3D systems.
    - Stereorig Low-Cost:
    Enxebre 3D Rig. (Steadycam Ready), is a fully manual beamsplitter rig that could be adapted to almost any camera in the market. Besides it’s a low cost solution, is our third generation of beamsplitter rigs so is lightweight and modular. An excellent cost-effective solution for ultra-low-end budget.
    3D Monitoring. Many solutions available, depending on budget and needs.

    Ask us for our additional 3D stereo shooting solutions, like aerial and underwater.

    One of our goals at Enxebre, es to reduce the stereo production costs, but keeping the quality of our work. We currently work in a workflow that let many professionals involved in the post processes can work simultaneously from their offices/studios/home in the same project , at the same time : editing, color and stereo grading… the only requirement is conventional Internet access. Of course we care of sensible material, not even single frame is exposed in the network.
    Energia 3D is a stereoscopic educational documentary, shooted in 6 weeks, a full 3D stereo ( no converted ). Enxebre supervises the stereography of the project, including also the technical equipment, 3D rigs, 3D monitorization and technicians (stereographer, and rig technician) . The project will be released in theatres in October 2011, after the VFX and CG completion.
    Energia 3D
  • Our stereoscopic director invited to Dimension3, in Paris, “Stereoscopic Perception.
    Conecting Narrative to Perception” A S3D full featured conference.
    This new editing room let them to work entirely in realtime, Editing and viewing in a big screen, full dual HD streams thanks to a 3D HD passive projection system, and simultaneously to in a 24" 3D Passive monitor.
    Enxebre provided 3D stereoscopic consultancy for the feature Torrente 4 Lethal Crisis, Enrique Criado supervised development and design of the stereography of the movie. Movie to be released March 13th 2011.
    Now you could watch our recent work online, in any 3D format, up full HD-3D (2009-2010)
    "Stereoscopic tools for the Entertainment market", new conference at Carvi 2010, Congress on Virtual Reality Applications, by Tecnalia, the biggest private group of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) in Spain. Enxebre to present latest’s achievements in our booth.
    Torrente IV, the new Santiago Segura’s stereoscopic feature, trusted Enxebre Entertainment 3D Monitoring and calibration systems, using proprietary tools and the new QtakeHDx2, a revolutionary tool used also in features like "Piranha 3-D" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides".
    Enxebre Entertainment provides engineering consulting for Santiago Segura´s company. A real-time 3DHD editing capable system, fully uncompressed. The solution includes a 3D Theatre too.
    Bocairent to open it’s new "Centre de Interpretacion Turistica", including a 3D-HD theatre engineered and installed by Enxebre, and a custom 3D production "Bocairent Treasure Hunt : The Adventure", a 20 minutes 3D live-action and CGI production, a fun and exciting documentary about Bocairent and it’s history.
    Enrique Criado, main stereographer for the feature ‘Bull & Bullfigher’ the first stereoscopic feature of Antartida Films, a film by Carles Porta. A sensitive film about the days prior to the bullfighting event. Additional stereography by J.M. Aragones. The film will be release Q4-2010.
    Enxebre create the stereoscopic version of the Disney themed commercial "Chamilia" to be presented with "Alice in Wonderland 3D, by Tim Burton" for DCI 3D Cinemas in Spain.
    Enxebre to Start 3D shooting "Treasure Hunt in Bocairent: The Adventure", a 7 days intensive shooting at ‘Sierra de Mariola and Bocairent‘, two custom compact beamspliter and side-by-side rigs will be used, all image will be recorded fully uncompressed, using our proprietary calibration and recording systems.
    Enrique Criado, on site Stereographer for the first Italian 3D Commercial, "Italcard" by Rentzo Martinelli. Shooted in Turin, it combines blu-screen techniques and CGI for an 3D immersive experience. 3D Calibration and monitoring systems provided by Enxebre Entertainment.
    The Egg Story Digital Arts School Seminar Series 2, 2010 will presents."Stereoscopic Perception & Creativity". a 3D stereoscopic masterclass by Enrique Criado. The event is also having first class speakers from movies like James’s Cameron AVATAR, or A Christmas Carol by Robert Zemeckis.
    "UBoat. 3D Underwater adventure", a new 4D Attraction for the Galicia Dixital Hi-Tech Museum; water, lights, immersive sound and 3DHD live image in a themed submarine cabin who accidentally crashes while diving.!! . A thrilling and very fun adventure. Technologie and Films installed and produced by Enxebre´s technical team.
    Enxebre starts a Live Action underwater shooting at La Coruna´s Aquarium. Just 5 days real underwater 3DHD shooting, with the support of the Aquarium divers and biologists team, for a new 4D attraction at Galicia Dixital. 3D Shooting, uncompressed 3DHD recording and live 3D monitoring by the Enxebre’s Tech department.
    Galicia Dixital presents our new 4D film "The end of St. James way" a Enxebre Entertainment production for Xunta de Galicia. "The end of St. James way" is a 50p ultra smooth FullHD 3D production combined with CGI and real EFX (wind, smoke and aroma) and will be presented as a new attraction for the Xacobeo 2010 and the visit POPE BENEDICT XVI.
    ENXEBRE ENTERTAINMENT starts 3D shooting at St. James Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. A solid-rock 50 fps FullHD stereoscopic shooting for the Xacobeo 2010 year. For this shooting we’ll use our proprietary rigs, (side-by-side and over-under or mirror rig) in a awesome location, and just by night !!.
  • "FXGUIDE TV in Spanish" ENXEBRE’s Stereoscopic Supervisor, Enrique Criado, interviewed at the premiere episode of FXGUIDE TV for de Spanish community.
    Enrique Criado was interviewed about the new tools to enhance the storytelling , and visual perception in 3D Stereoscopic features. http://www.fxguide.com/fxguidetvesp.html , a interview hosted by Maria Castello, a brilliant Spanish journalist who will conduct the Spanish FXGuide TV episodes.
    Interview available here: http://www.fxguide.com/fxguidetvesp.html (episode #001)
    Criado was also interviewed by Mike Seymour for the English episodes of FXGUIDE. 
    English interview available here: http://www.fxguide.com (episode #064).
  • SMPTE09 (Sydney .- Australia ) Enrique Criado spoke about 3D Stereoscopic Cinema in the first full 3D-HD conference.
    Enrique Criado, Stereoscopic Supervisor at Enxebre Entertainment, was invited to speak about 3D perception and stereoscopic creativity for the new 3D Cinema, at the premier event of the motion picture and television industries in the South-East Asian region. The SMPTE bi-annual conference and exhibition in Sydney Christie Digital and it’s local distributor VR Solutions supported the event with a mirage 3D-HD active projector and Xpand 3D-Active glasses.
    Conference abstract available here:http://www.smpte.com.au/xerxes2/files/2009-06/a0291f47537bde8573c082cf64caca61.pdf.
  • ENXEBRE ENTERTAINMENT supervises the new 5D Stereoscopic Atraction "MALTA 5D".
    "MALTA 5D" is a 3D Stereoscopic HD film, plenty of theme park style special effects, but also with motion seats. A complex combination of live-action shooting with CGI. Our new compact rig was successfully used in this shooting, with helicopter, steadycam and Segway races along the Maltese streets.
  • Enrique Criado, offered a Masterclass about Stereoscopy at “Master of Production and Audiovisual Management” of La Coruña University, a master for graduates in arts.
  • Enrique Criado featured speaker at "The first Full Digital & Stereoscopic Cinema Conferences" organized by The Spanish Motion Picture Academy, in Madrid.
    Digital cinema, creativity, distribution, production and postproduction, new stereoscopic television opportunities, all this matters will be discussed and explained by some of the most relevant industry experts.
    There were prominent speakers like Hervé Fischer, President of the new arts and sciences in Montreal, Canada,  Enrique Criado, stereoscopic supervisor at Enxebre Entertainment presenting the creative opportunities of the stereoscopic image;  Jose Maria Aragones at ApuntoLaposto , presenting “the state of the art of the stereoscopic production and postproduction”, Jordi Llompart director of the first Imax3d spanish feature, Tomas Naranjo, general manager of Kelonik, and Pere Vila, planning and technical development of the National Spanish TV.
  • Hollywood advise Enxebre to supervise a stereoscopic feature film.
    Continental, a Spanish leading production company, is currently working in a their first stereoscopic film, “ Regina Verbum “, co-written and co-directed by the awarded Juan Pablo Echeverry and Fernando Castro. A historical thriller that combines stereoscopic CGI and live-action layers in every single shot of the movie, to create an immersive experience, but also an uncommon atmosphere , a real challenge for us !. When the producers come to Hollywood looking for a Stereoscopic supervision , they were suggested to contact to Enrique Criado, from Enxebre Entertainment, as probably one of the best and more experienced stereographers.
  • THE FOUNDRY, PROJECTION DESIGN AND ENXEBRE ENTERTAINMENT sign an agreement to develop stereoscopic workflows with Nuke and Ocula.
    Enxebre Entertainment, has signed an agreement with the academy awarded ‘The Foundry’ to develop the stereoscopic workflow with Nuke and Ocula. Ocula is a new stereoscopic plugin , that conforms a complete stereo tool-set for Nuke. Enxebre will postproduce a 3D-HD attraction, using a explosive formula, the Foundry tools and own stereoscopic know-how with our 3-D ready studio equipment , with several 3-D projection systems and 3-D monitors, “ The idea is to work all the time in 3-D Stereo during the process to minimize errors and guarantee image comfort , the given source footage will need much re-alignment and stereo corrections “.
  • Stereoscopic Masterclass by Enrique Criado, at spanish short film festival "Curtocircuito".
    A new full stereoscopic masterclass given by Enrique Criado, with the support of Christie Digital systems, providing two brand new 20.000 ANSI lummens projectors. A brilliant 3D-HD tech. masterclass about stereoscopic live-action acquisition , CGI , Special Effects for 3-D. “ Curtocircuito “ is a leader short film festival in Galicia , an event organized by “Ficción Producciones”, the event includes professional short courses and masterclasses for the film and video industry.
  • New 3D-Theater at Domus museum, by Enxebre.
    The new 3D Theater engineered and installed by Enxebre, a full HD DepthQ Server, two Christie Digital projectors providing 24.000 ANSI Lumens, 80 square meter screen, running at 48 fps for a ultra-smooth playback The presentation includes a technical talk about 3-D by Enrique Criado.
  • “The 7ºArt in 3-D. Technical Fundaments” by Enrique Criado at SAN SEBASTIAN FILM FESTIVAL.
    September 24th, San Sebastian International Film Festival will host a 3-D stereoscopic workshop organized by AITE, it will include 3-D tech.talks , from Catherine Owens ( U2-3D ), Josep María Aragonés ( Apuntolapospo ), Antonio Abad ( Christie Digital ) , Tomas Naranjo ( Kelonik ) and Enrique Criado presenting a full 3DHD conference about Technical Fundaments of stereoscopic Cinema. Don’t miss, a must for 3-D Film Creators..
  • New 3D Theatre at Domus , house of the Humankind. August 2008.
    Enxebre has completed it’s newest and biggest 3D Theatre, more than 80 sq.meter screen, 24.000 lumens light power, and HD resolution. “Space News 3-D” one of our short movies will be also included in their playing schedule.
  • “Sculpting the Stereoscopic Perception in 3D Films“, 3-D Conference at CARVI 2008, by Enrique Criado.
    CARVI 2008, as in last editions, will continue with the characteristics that the time have turned to it in a referring to international level in the world of the new technologies. Hi-end speakers for researchers , media and film professionals.
  • Enrique Criado, awarded for the best 3-D conference in the Stereoscopic Displays & Applications, award shared with Rob Engle, from Sony Imageworks.
  • Enrique Criado, judge member for the 3D Theater in the SD&A .San Jose, CA.
    Enrique Criado & Samuel Zhou ( Imax Corporation ) played as judge for the 3-D theatre in the Stereocopic Displays & Applications conferences.
  • Broadcast. Conference about D-Cinema. Distribution and exhibition. Madrid.
    Enrique Criado speaker a professional meeting about D-Cinema, with speakers like Manu Claessens (Kinepolis) or Jordi Alonso (Cine.com) , among others.
  • BC / 07. 3-D Stereoscopic Conference. The Bigger Picture. Amsterdam .
    “UNDERSTANDING THE INS AND OUTS OF 3-D STEREOSCOPIC CINEMA”. A 3-D Stereo presentation by Enrique Criado that introduces the 3-D Cinema fundamentals.
  • Digital Day. DGA. Enxebre goes to Hollywood!.
    Enrique Criado will be a speaker in the cycle of conferences of the DGA (Directors Guild of America). His conference is about the production of 3D movies and it is destined to Hollywood directors and producers. A conference that will entirely run in stereoscopic 3D, with the hardware support of Real-D.
  • TEA07, D-CINEMA and HDTV. "Stereoscopic productions: Understanding and Improving the Three-dimensional Perception"
    Conference of the Enxebre's stereoscopic consultant, in the major importance European event of electronic Cinema and HD.
  • ENXEBRE & Star Wars 3D.
    Tea07 named Enrique Criado, technical adviser of stereoscopic projections, will be the responsible for preparing and managing the contents of the projection of Star Wars in 3D, of Lucasfilm, LTD. The movie will be converted and played with our 3D-HD server.
  • The first 3D Digital Cinema projection in Spain.
    Enrique Criado was the 3D consultant in the first 3D active type projection in a room of digital cinema in Spain, at one of the Yelmo Cineplex theaters. Christie Digital and Doremi participated in the projection.
  • New 3D recording system.
    This new system allows us to better participate in productions “on the field”, and also allows us the utilization of conventional filming equipment, stabilizers of image, cranes assemble and warm head, etc. This way, we are able to extend the available filming services in order to include any type of production of live-action stereoscopic image.
  • Carvi 2007, "3D Cinema. Understanding the binocular vision"
    Enxebre`s stereocopic consultant, Enrique Criado, will give the first conference presented entirely in 3D stereoscopic in Spain, with the collaboration of Christie Digital Spain.
  • Jack the Ripper in 3-D !,
    Enxebre begins the realization of the synthetic image and 3D stereoscopic integration of this short movie in HD and 3D. It will be showed at London in the attraction "The Terror Passage", of the Terror Fear Factory company.
  • “Xmas Tale in 3D”, in the Anifest 2007. Czech Republic.
    Our movie " Xmas Tale in 3-D ", a 2001 production, was selected for the festival 3D productions area.
  • It was finished the production for 3D Auto-stereo screen.
    Enxebre produced a 3D stereoscopic demo for the new glassesfree 3D screens of the German company “SeeReal Technologies". It also generates depth maps with the stereoscopic stereo pair.
  • Exhibition in the EAS 2007 (Seville)
    We will expose our last 3D productions for the entertainment sector in collaboration with TAO Spain, leader company in solutions for thematic parks; and Christie Digital, top world company in projection solutions.
  • Premiere of the last two Enxebre`s 3D productions.
    This premiere of the movies “Destination: Ancares” and "The Virtual Presenter” was featured for the exhibition Galicia Dixital, organized by the Xunta de Galicia. These are two top productions because of its great exhibition and production features. The president of the Galician Community inaugurated the new contents of this exhibition.
  • Enxebre in the AFM (Santa Monica, USA).
    We participated in the AFM with our new 3D- CUBE visualization system and we offered our own productions as well as our stereoscopic services of consulting for real image and CGI 3D.
  • "Digital Live Stereo Film- making"
    ". Conference of the Enxebre`s stereoscopic specialist Enrique Criado, at S3D + 2006 (Munich - Germany). It is one of the most important meetings in Europe, exclusively destined for the 3D image.
  • It was finished the movie "Moito Ollo" in 3D,
    that talks about the prevention of the labour risks and was made for school students. By the installation of a 3D projection system in a trailer, it will be showed in hundreds of communities around Galicia.
  • Enxebre won the Ideas Contest
    for contents of the exhibition Galicia Dixital organized by the Xunta de Galicia.
  • "3D stereoscopic production of real and synthetic image"
    This is a conference presented by the Enxebre`s stereoscopic consultant Enrique Criado, in the TEA 2006. In this conference collaborated Projection Design, top European company in providing equipment for professional projections.
  • "Introduction to the creation of stereoscopic productions (3D)"
    Conference by the Enxebre`s stereoscopic consultant Enrique Criado, at Carvi 2006 (Victoria), with Projection Design's collaboration, top European company in providing equipment for professional projections.
  • Digital worlds "Production of stereoscopic image",
    Conference by the Enxebre´s stereoscopic consultant Enrique Criado. In the conference were included some fragments of 3D productions.
  • "Introduction to the creation of stereoscopic productions"
    Conference by the Enxebre´s stereoscopic consultant Enrique Criado in Galicia Dixital (La Coruña).
  • "Space News" in the Anifest 2006.
    Trebón. Czech Republic. Stereoscopic production area. Prize of the Public to the best stereoscopic production
  • “Ride Bugs in 3D”, new production in process.
    destined to the market of the high level simulators. By using a novel technology, it is generated a stereoscopic flat models image.
  • "Stereoscopic Image Production".
    Conference by the Enxebre´s stereoscopic consultant Enrique Criado at the "Electronic Imaging 2006" (San José, USA). Enrique Criado offers a conference about the three dimensions audio-visual production, in which are included our last advances and developments. There is also a printed document available for the partners of the SPIE.
  • Enxebre Entertainment at the "Electronic Imaging 2006", in San José, USA.
    Our 3D production "Space News" opened the 3D section. It was a public success, and it satisfied the 3D sector professionals in a world-wide level.

  • It was finalized the new 3D Ride Film production. "Ice Rescue in 3D", that is a production destined to movement simulators, and it has great effects thanks to the using of the simple and economic anaglyph glasses.
  • CUBE 3D.
    It was finalized an stereoscopic portable system with excellent quality and versatility. It allows to show 3D contents in exhibitions, fairs and museums.
  • New film available: "The Space TV Newscast in 3D".
    a really amused six minutes short film, for all publics, with surprising 3D effects outside the screen and an original and amused story. Already available for exhibition license.
  • Enxebre at the Siggraph 2005.
    Projection of some images of our new project "The Space TV Newscast in 3D" by the 3D screens without glasses of Seereal Technologies. It was shown in Siggraph 2005, in the stand of the partnership 3D, of which we are members.
  • Enxebre provides LadyBug-2 to the University.
    Enxebre provides a Point Research Congregation, Inc. inmersive camera of 360º to Videalab, the visualization by computer department of the Ways Engineering School of the Universidade da Coruña. It is a complex camera that allows to make high quality. immersive 360º recordings.
  • New 3D recording Rig.
    The new universal 3D recording support is already a reality. The Enxebre team worked for 3 years on this equipment that allows us to record new takings, specially first planes and short planes with any type of camera (video, HD or cinema). This allows us to eliminate the problem of the excessive parallax.
  • Jako lands in Warner Bros. Park Madrid!
    "Jako and the pets thief in 3D" will be exhibit during all the 2005 season in the Warner Bros. Park Madrid, at the Chinese Theater with capacity for more than 600 people and in a more than 14 meters giant screen.
  • January 2005. Xmas Tale in 3D .
    is going to be projected at the ON Center of Caixa Galicia, during the Christmas season.
  • It was finalized the 3D images restoration project of the Kingdom of Galicia`s File.
    It was finalized the project for restoration of stereoscopic images, that includes images from 1904 to 1940. The images were assembled on 3D, and were also converted to different 3D formats for its diffusion.
  • The "Virtual Museum in 3D" was showed.
    It was showed the preliminary version of the project "Virtual Museum in 3D", that allows us to visualize and to manipulate objects by using a wireless tracker and stereoscopic vision.
  • New 3D Rig.
    During the last three years our R+D department have designed and created a new 3D RIG in order to film any type of 3D movie with the suitable 3D- stereo parameters.
  • Visit us at the Siggraph 2004.
    At the stand of the partnership 3D Consortium ( Japan ) (1015) we will show the HD reproduction equipment as well as our last productions.

  • Enxebre provides and installs a 3D High Resolution projection system for the Galicia Dixital exhibition

  • Enxebre is named the only official distributor for DepthQ 3D Cinema Server, a solution for 3D projection in high resolution. It is a collaboration agreement with the North American company LightSpeedDesing.

  • Enxebre finalized the 3D production "The Cathedral Rites and Legends", a 4 minutes production for the promotion of the year Xacobeo 2004, that will be shown in different traveling exhibitions.

  • Enxebre has been selected for the providing and installation of three complete 3D projection systems for the traveling exhibition "Connect yourself with the Pilgrim´s Way". Also, it will be in charge of the assemble, calibration and disassembling in all the events.

  • Enxebre provides a complex capture movement wireless system to Videalab, including its calibration and installation. The system is the IS-900 of the Intersense company.