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3D and special effect glasses

Paper and plastic glasses, fully customisable in colour and shape. Much different effects and applications.

D-Cinema.Applications.- Electronic shutter glasses for D-Cinema and E-Cinema events and projects, infrared emitters, distributors.

3D Polarized.- 3D polarized glasses for 3D special venues, expos, and museums, produces superior polarized glasses featuring the highest quality polarizer film. For viewing slide shows, multi-media displays, concerts, movies, and ride simulators. Paper and Plastic models available.

Anaglyphic.- 3D anaglyphic glasses are used for viewing print, movies, websites, games, and computer applications in 3D. ( Red-Blue, Red-Cyan ).

HoloSpex.- 3D HoloSpex® glasses create spectacular holographic illusions on any bright point of light for holidays, grand openings, and corporate event sponsorship.

Decoder.- Unveil maximum advertising potential with Decoder Vision glasses and hidden message promotions. 3D Decoder glasses and viewers with red lenses bring out the detective in everyone by revealing secret messages and words.

Fireworks.- These eye-opening glasses have specially treated lenses that enhance all fireworks shows, laser displays, and holiday light shows. Multi-starbursts of three-dimensional rainbows will race at you, sending chills up your spine and boggling your mind. 3D Fireworks glasses are the light show for your face.

ChromaDepth.- The 3D ChromaDepth® glasses create striking 3D images from normal 2D images by pulling forward the colour red to the foreground and sorting the remaining colours according to their position in the rainbow.