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Stereoscopic Consulting & Supervision Services

At Enxebre Entertainment, we provide the necessary advising to carry out all kinds of cinematographic, HD Video and photographic projects in Three Dimensions. We provide global solutions of processing, production and diffusion, by different means from any type of stereoscopic production.

Our experience as a company exclusively dedicated to the stereoscopic image since 1995, includes projects in live-action and computer generated image, including complex productions, where there is an integration between live-action image and synthetic image, all it in 3D.

We study, analyze and define all related factors of the stereoscopic image, from the preproduction stage, (script, storyboard, technical aspects, etc.), including the elaboration of a stereoscopic script and the shooting stage, where we offer our “know-how” and 3D stereoscopic shooting equipment (for live-action productions) ; until the postproduction and distribution stage, using the different kinds of 3D formats for its diffusion.

Our knowledge allows us to realize 3D productions, where not just the impact of the image 3D is important, but the comfort and security in the 3D visualization, always applying the necessary security and comfort rules.

3D Film shooting
3D Stereo QC, live and preview.
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