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Enxebre first official rental company for 3Ality Technica in Spain.

We’re proud to offer one of the best available rigs in the market besides cinema range 3D Monitors, Transvideo, and 3D Video Assists ( Qtake ).

Our R+D department is the one that advises, designs and constructs the different solutions of 3D visualization and advanced visualization for different sectors; as solutions for the entertainment sector, (D-Cinema 3D, Theme and Attraction Parks, museums, leisure, etc.) and also cultural events. We are also focused towards the educative sector.

We offer turnkey solutions, that includes engineering, provision, installation and maintenance..

We developed systems not just for our clients: our I+D department develops proper systems to improve our production processes. Later, many of our own developments are applied to the improvement of our clients products.

3D Rigs. Video Assists and 3D Monitors.
3D Theater. Fixed and Portable Systems.