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3D movies production

In our studios we produce all kinds of 3D Films, including High Definition and standard video. This also applies to the content which can be adapted for any field such as entertainment, culture, tourism, education, corporate presentations, etc.

Our team is composed of highly qualified talent and the solid experience of our stereoscopic expert provides in-depth knowledge about specific stereoscopic production rules and theories which is a true “added value” for our clients and guarantees the best effects and highest 3D quality for their productions, meeting their objectives within specific budget parameters.

We also produce our own titles which are available for specific events on a temporary licensing basis and we are one of the few 3D production companies in the world that specializes in shooting live action in 3D as well as animation (CGI) and/or a combination of the two, thus obtaining the most dazzling and eye-catching effects through this integration.

We are one of the few 3D producers in the international market that is exclusively dedicated to produce 3D live-action; animation generated by computer image and a combination of both types of images, it means, the integration of live and synthetic 3D images, besides that having our own 3D submarine recording system.

Stereoscopic Supervision For Other Companies

ZAPATLELA 2 . 3D ( 2012 )

First marathi film in 3d produced by Mahesh Kothare and Kothare Vision , with a Fox Star Studios distribution.
Feature Film. Digital 3D.

Year of production: In progress.
Client: Prime Focus
Enxebre provides equipment and crew, 3Ality 3D Rigs, Qtake 3D video Assists, Transvideo 3D Monitors and highly 3D skilled human crew.
Stereoscopic Supervision and Stereographer on Set.
Directed by Mahesh Kothare, s a renowned director of the Marathi film industry. He is the only entertainer who has been striving to entertain the audiences of all age-groups belonging to the various levels of the society.
10 Weeks Shooting. Filmed at N.D.Studio, Karjat. India.

IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. Lightbox LTD. Oporto. Portugal

Commercial Digital 3D.
Year of production:June 2012
Client: Lightbox LTD
Stereoscopic Supervision. Stereographer on Set. And 3D Equipment (3D Rigs, Monitors and Video Assist).
From the awarded director of Balas & Bolinhos trilogy, Luis Ismael. 'Douro Azul 3D' is a shocking top level 3D commercial experience , that includes CG Animations, VFX, Multicamera Shoots, aerial 3D, in a breathtaking 10 minutes cut. Including the most beautiful places of Oporto and along river 'Douro'. Editing and postproduction was done in less than 10 days, including CGI and VFX.


Feature Documentary. Digital 3DFeature Documentary. Digital 3D.
Year of production: March 2011
Stereoscopic Director. Stereographer on Set. 3D Equipment (Rigs, Video Assists, Monitors) and Rig technician.
A teenagers love story, Alex and Maria, live their love story, as thousands students in our classrooms. It presents the basic concepts related to energy and how to use them wisely.
8 Weeks intensive shooting.

Torrente 4. Lethal Crisis
The masterpiece of earthy films

Feature Film Digital 3D
Year of production:March 2011
3D consultants. 3d storyboarding and 3D equipment.
Directed by Santiago Segura, the mega Spanish blockbuster, breaking the box-office with each new episode. Torrente 4 was a 10M EUR Budget Film, shooted in 12 weeks.

Istanbul 3D.Turkey

Commercial Digital 3D
Year of production: February 2011
Stereographer on Set.
Discover the best places of Istanbul with this 8 minute length film production. A 3 days intensive 3D shooting, with

Toro y Torero (The Duel)

Feature Film. Documentary. Digital 3D
Year of production:March 2010
Stereographer on Set.
Directed by Carles Porta. A full featured documentary for the last five days before the bullfighting event. Five days in the life of a bullfighter, five days in the life of a bull.
Feature entirely shouted in 3D, in just 9 days.
One Stereographer, one rig technician ( from Ovide ).


Commercial Digital 3D. First 3D Italian Digital 3D Commercial
Year of production:2010
Stereographer on Set.
A live action + CGI commercial for the Italian Cinemas. Fully combination of live action, plus CG integration, matte painting, keying, CG props...
Croud multiplication and multilayer shoots (different roundness for each layer).

Chamilla. Disney Accessories

Commercial Digital 3D
Year of production:April 2010
Stereoscopic Supervision (CGI & POST).
Presented at cinemas with Disney Tim Burton's " Alice in Wonderland " the first fully 3D Stereo CGI spanish commercial.

Cevisama 2D -> 3D Conversion

Hi-RES 2D->3D Conversion
January 2010. Client: AGR.- SPAIN
Stereoscopic Supervision and conversion. Of 2D Still images for a exhibition in a trade show and massive marketing campain.


Attraction Ride Film. 4D Effects.Digital 3
Year of production: March 2009
Client: ENUES & MARTINEZ.- Malta Tourism Office
Stereographer on Set. Stereo CGI and post Stereo Supervision.
Malta 5D is an immersive 3D Stereoscopic ride film covering the most beautiful places of Malta. Including 4D effects, water, smoke and motion seats.


Film Teaser.
June 2009
Directed by: Juan Pablo Echeverry & Fernando de Castro.
Production Company: Continental
The feature is a historic thriller based on medieval Galicia, taken from a different perspective. A technically complex stereoscopic project that combines CGI with multiple Live Action 4K layers to create a new reality and space.


Live Action + CGI
Year of production:2009
A complex Stereoscopic CGI that requires stereoscopic integration with Live-Action HD 3D Footage,. Currently playing at London in the attraction "The Terror Passage".

PFizer Pharma 3D

Commercial Full CGI 3D
Year of production:2008
Client: TAKE THE WIND.- Portugal
Stereoscopic Supervisor.

Enxebre Entertainment Latest Productions

Bocairent Treasure Hunt,
The adventure ( 20' )

Production: 2010
Client: Angel Calabuig
Sinopsis: An ancient legend says a foreign will come to Bocairent and bring back the hidden treasure to locals. The last descendant of one of the treasure guardians will meet him, and live a thrilling hunting 3D experience.
A 20' Production including Live Action, Aerial shots, CGI and VFX, Shooted at Bocairent and Sierra Leona, and post produced at Enxebre's Studios.

U-BOAT 4D. A Underwater immersive experience ( 4' )

Production: 2010
Client: Xunta de Galicia
Sinopsis:A 4 Screen Immersive 3D Experience. Enter in a real-like themed mini submarine and dive into galician sea. But beware of this crazy crew.Some visitors could not come back again to surface. (and most will come back wet).
A 4D, 3D + Effects, Water and SFX Sound & Lighting, in a very fun underwater 'tour'. All underwater and CGI produced at Enxebre Entertainment. 4D Theater by Enxebre..

ST.JAMES CATHEDRAL, Virtual visit for Xacobeo ( 5' )

3D HFR ( High Frame Rate ) 50 FPS.

Production: 2010
Client: Xunta de Galicia
Sinopsis:Solid rock stunning 3D Images at 50 FPS to show the awesome Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. Including a virtual recreation ( CGI ) of the famous Botafumeiro. Visiting some hidden areas of the non accessible for common visitors.


Production: 2008
3D-HD Short-film for touristic promotion of the Ancares natural area, but shooted at 50fps to obtain a ultra-smooth and realistic perception of reality.


Production: 2006
First stereoscopic 3D film (hyperstereo ) partially shooted in a Helicopter.
Sinopsis: Viewers will enjoy a charming story in all its 3D splendour that takes place in the most characteristic mountains of Galicia “Os Ancares” with 3D aerial and underwater real images that are combined with CGI.


Production: 2006
Sinopsis: A friendly virtual hostess will welcome and guide us through the Galicia Dixital Expo.


Production: 2006
Sinopsis: 3D film with lots of humour to teach children the importance of safety at work.


Production: 2005
Sinopsis: Stereoscopic Ride Film, Join us in a thrilling ride film. You must destroy the enemy base in the North Pole and rescue the hostages. Fly over the enemy fire, drive your tank in a crazy run, explore the forbidden mine and ride the missile through the mountains to the enemy base… an exciting 3-D immersive experience for all audiences .


Production: 2004
Anifest 2006 (Czech Republic). Selected by Public .- Best Stereoscopic Film.
Sinopsis: Space News is an amused TV reality show, with interviews and commercials and with a surprising end.


Production: 2003
Sinopsis: Galicia, a nice place to relax; amazing landscapes,…calm forests, valleys, lakes… one mosquito show us how even insects could experience a love story.


Production: 2003
First spanish HD / 2K and stereoscopic film. Licensed to Warner Bros for the 2005 season.
Sinopsis: An evil pet thief if roaming the galaxy , stealing our beloved pets !, where will he strike next , and how can we stop him?, will Jako the space cop catch him before more space pets disappear ? Ride with Jako and friends on a 3D chase through the stars.


Production: 2001
Sinopsis: Join Jako, the most bumbling space cop in his crazy adventure. How this clumsy cop lands in a small wooden cabin in a X-Mas night and fall in love with the X-Mas Star.


Production: 2001
First 3D Spanish Underwater Stereoscopic, combining Live-Action and CGI.
Sinopsis: An old fisherman, finally make real his dreams, with a special fish that he always has been looking for, the talking fish.

TALES FROM THE St. James Catedral

Production: 1999
First 3D/4D spanish film.
Sinopsis: Amazing inmersive trip around St. James Cathedral with an exceptional guide, the pilgrin, who explain us some legends and secrets about the St. James Cathedral.