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Museums & events

From our beginnings we have participated with our solutions of equipment and 3D production, in innumerable events, exhibitions and museums and we have had great results with the number of visitors and its satisfaction with our participation.

Enxebre has an important experience with a massive participation in all type of events, like cultural, tourist, educative, corporative, entertainment and leisure activities.

We offer innovating and attractive solutions, and also original ideas where visitors can participate and experiment by themselves.

Giving full turnkey solutions, from the contents to the necessary equipment, its installation and maintenance.

Also, we have a rent service of equipment and movie licensing , 3D cinemas, virtual pointers, real time and 3D systems, etc.

Some of our solutions are:

  • 3D Portable Cinemas
  • 3D HD ,3D 2K Servers
  • 3D SlideShow (3D Stereoscopic Photography)
  • Auto-stereo Screens (3D without glasses)
  • Virtual Pointers
  • 3D real time applications
  • 3D real time conversion
3D Movie in HMD.
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3D Real time games.
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